Puppy Things to Get
Be Puppy Prepared

Puppy things? Of course, your new puppy will require a few things of her own. Please, you need to get the following before you bring her home.

Collar and Leash

A flat buckle collar is best for your new puppy, it resembles a regular belt with holes that can adjust to fit as she grows.

Depending on your dog's breed, or the size of your little one, the leash should be lightweight till she gets older. Get one that is 6 feet in length to start off with.

Bowls for Food and Water
These are pretty much basic things that come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Stainless steel, ceramic or plastic.

Play Stuff
Pamper your puppy and get some toys. You and your puppy can play fetch or, she can cuddle up with a nice soft plush toy when you are busy doing something else. You can even put some in her crate or her den.

Pet Bed, Crate or Kennel

Your sleepy eyed wonder should have puppy things like a bed of her own to kick back, relax, and sleep.

A crate can be used for puppy potty training, a trip to the vet, or simply the place that she can go, to feel safe and be stress free.

The crate should be just large enough so she can stand tall, turn around in, stretch out, and lay down comfortably.

Chew Stuff
Puppies need and love to chew on things. Getting a few chew sticks or chew toys will keep her mind off your shoes, furniture, comforter, books, rugs, bags............etc., which by the way are not puppy things.

Food and Treats
Check with your veterinarian on the type of food that you should get, any recommendation from him/her would be best. You will also need to get some treats, which will be used for praise and rewards, when you begin puppy training.

Potty Training Supplies
Depending on what you choose to use. Litter box, paper training pads, and maybe an odor eliminator for accidents.

Basic Dog Grooming Supplies
Nail clippers, pet brush, pet shampoo, and canine toothpaste.

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