Puppy Teeth

Puppy teeth, are like baby teeth, they do not last forever.

Your puppy should have her first set of teeth, by the age of 12 weeks.

During this time, the need to gnaw or chew, helps to relieve the itching or irritation which is caused by teething, or when the tooth is breaking the skin in the gum.

Like humans, canines will get two sets of teeth in their lifetime.

  • A total of 28 teeth at.....3 months of age
  • A total of 42 teeth at..... 7 months of age

Your puppy's permanent teeth, will start to come along right after all the first set of teeth are in. As the permanent teeth start to grow under the gum, they will actually push out and replace each of the first set of teeth.

Your puppy should be checked by your veterinarian at this time to make sure that all things are going well. Sometimes a first tooth will not come out when the permanent tooth tries to take it's place, which can cause problems.

This can be irritating to a puppy or dog, whereas it can be sore to the gum, or worst yet an infection can occur in the so called area of your puppy's mouth. This can lead to a poor appetite, or restless sleep. An infection of this nature can also cause an upset stomach.

Your Puppy's Teething Schedule

First Set of Teeth

  • Incisors...3-4 weeks
  • Canines...3 weeks
  • Premolars...4-12 weeks
  • Molars None

Permanent Teeth

  • Incisors...3-5 months
  • Canines...4-6 months
  • Premolars...4-6 months
  • Molars...5-7 months

Taking care of your puppy's first set of teeth is very important.

Remember to check and brush them on a timely basis, their dental hygiene is important for their overall health and happiness.

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